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PowerPoint Engineering: Laser Pointer Discipline

This week, I attended a mechanical engineering symposium, the purpose of which was knowledge sharing across business units and groups. A lot of valuable information was presented, which I may discuss in future posts, but there is one takeaway I … Continue reading

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Interview Tip: Ask Questions

As I think back on the many interviews in which I’ve participated, there is one action that has set interviewees apart in my view. It wasn’t showcasing an accomplishment or maintaining good posture or smiling – though those are important. … Continue reading

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Use a Daily Information Log to Reduce Learning Curve of New Programs

I recently assumed a new position at work: Integrated Product Team Lead (IPTL) for a production program. Being an IPTL is not foreign to me. I’ve done it before, so I’m familiar with the toolbox and expectations, but without exaggeration, … Continue reading

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The Work-Life Balance Fallacy

The work-life programs that corporate leaders celebrate are a farce. They’re feel good concepts pushed in an attempt to raise moral and show they care about their employees’ health and families. Of course, your company wants you to be healthy, … Continue reading

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