Welcome to For Engineers Only!

After listening to me complain for the nth time about the work ethic of the current generation of engineers and the lack of honest resources to help them, my wife suggested I fill the gap by being that resource. It’s taken many months false starts – ok, well over a year – to initiate For Engineers Only, but here we are.

So who am I?

For that answer, I refer you to the “About the Author” blurb in the footer of every page of this blog. But to summarize, I am a mechanical engineer in the aerospace and defense industry at the middle of my career.  This places me between the retiring old school generation and the new crop of engineers.  I believe this has led me to develop a unique blend of old school work ethic and modern implementation tools.

So what will this blog be about?

There will be lessons on the technologies in which I have expertise, commentaries on engineering related news items, and tutorials of tools.  However, the majority of the content will be aimed to help young engineers mature and succeed, based on my own career observations, successes, and lessons learned.

As with all things, For Engineers Only will surely evolve as some content fails and as new ideas develop. Schedule allowing, I’m targeting two posts a week.  I will always welcome feedback through the blog comments and email, and I will use it to determine what content is working and what does not.

In addition to the blog posts, I will make myself available for one-on-one conversations and mentoring for anyone who may have questions about career development, public speaking, networking, or technical topics.

I’m more curious than anyone to see where this goes…

Thank you so much for reading.

Cody M.

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